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innovative advisory.


About Us.

creative consultants discovering untapped opportunities

Digitalwitt is all about bringing our innovation and ideas to clients by helping them discover untapped opportunities and cool innovations shaping our global markets. These are exciting and perilous times.  


Our methodology seeks to deliver winning solutions by departing from “business as usual” and put on a new mindset to help connect dots that haven’t been connected before. Our team works alongside you to champion new and unconventional solutions, using the latest emerging tools and processes.


If you don't have the right marketing expertise to help you, why not work with us for a period of time and keep your organization nimble and have the flexibility to scale with the natural demands of your business. Compared to hiring in-house, our solution is cost-effective and make more financial sense. 

Our Services.

business strategist, blockchain advisory & innovative workshops

Business Strategist

Grow   l   Expand your business 



If you are launching a product or want to expand into a different market, we have global strategists that can help you grow your business.

  • Competitive landscape analysis & insights

  • Go to market plan & branding

  • Partnership introductions,  ideation & procurement

  • Identification of new revenue streams

  • Product & technology roadmap development

  • Fundraising   

  • Experience innovation

  • Future visioning

Blockchain Advisors

Experts  |  Bring you real results



Need is to transform your business operations? Interested in breaking new ground in blockchain enterprise solutions?  We have technologists that are rooted in blockchain technology making our business transformation operations services best-in-class. 


Blockchain has the potential to streamline and optimize many business processes, from tracking goods to building more efficient policies. We already see widespread adoption in some areas. Our team’s experience and depth and expertise can show you the value of blockchain technology and how to apply it to your organization or industry.


We can create data-driven platforms with smarter business insights and build operations in a way that can keep up with the ongoing changes arising from platform-based ecosystems.   Our smart and informative solution will lead you to higher customer satisfaction while lowering the cost to maintain.

Innovators & Idealist

Innovation   l   Discover your secret weapons



We’re all about passion and love to share what we’ve learned. Drawing on our deep understanding of how to uncover consumer opportunities and cool innovations reshaping our global markets, our team works alongside you to champion new and unconventional solutions. 


  • Collaborative Workshops:  We can facilitate ideation, innovation or creative problem-solving customized workshops.


  • Expert Panels or Speaking Engagements:  We have access to influential innovators, researchers, thinkers and doers who know how to engage diverse audiences and stimulate provocative discussions.  


  • Courses/Training: We customized our digital training for your business. From startups to major corporations, we provide a digital expert to educate, empower and build your capabilities to transform your teams and internal processes for success in the digital future.

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